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Nature sounds - Ecosounds

1.95 usd

With the help of application "Sounds of nature" you can dive in the sea world, you can walk on forest paths, listen to the sounds of birds or brooks, you can sit near the fireplace and listen to the music of rain!=== Best sound quality! The application requires the loading of additional megabytes on the first run. Make sure WiFi is connected ===
It's not a secret that lots of living organisms influence each other with the help of sounds. Sounds can be divided into negative ones (we call them noises) and positive ones.
Negative sounds can affect our health, and positive ones, on the contrary, have a wholesome effect on us.
It has been scientifically proved that nature sounds belong to positive ones. Now we even have a special branch of medicine – sound therapy.
The application contains 12 atmospheres:
- Summer forest and creek- Night forest and fireplace- Winter forest- Rainforest and waterfall- Sounds of sea and ocean- Sea. On the beach- Rain and thunder- Rain. Near the fireplace- Countryside atmosphere- Countryside mourning- Summer meadow sounds- Train travel
Main functions of the application "Sounds of nature".
- Usefull timer
- On/off and adjust the volume of the any sound
- Playlists
Now you can create your own playlists of your tracks and add your tracks in any sound atmosphere you like. So now you can enjoy your favorite relaxing music playing on the background of nature sound and add a missing sound or any audiobook.
- Alarm clock
Feel that it`s more pleasant to wake up in the mourning and hear the sounds of birds, roar of waves and crowing of cocks. And if your children are not willing to wake up to go to school, our nature sounds will definitely help you wake up your sleepyheads without stress and any other troubles!
- Quality of the sound
All our sound atmospheres comprise only natural sounds. It means that if you listen to our sounds of rain, it will be the sounds of real rain.
You can check the quality of sounds at our site -